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MPG Consulting Presents:

MPG Consulting Presents Customized Workshops, Training and Supervision on Providing Culturally and Racially Attuned Services Workshops and supervision will address the impact of structural racism as well as racial/cultural/gender identity and sexual orientation on the relationship between worker and client.

The trainings, workshops and supervision are organized for professionals at various stages of their careers and with varying understanding and experience working with diverse racial, cultural and ethnic groups.

Workshops and supervision will address the impact of structural racism as well as racial/cultural/sexual identity developmental issues on the relationship between worker and client.

The training combines didactic and experiential methods to focus on the meaning of cultural and racial identification for the clinicians and client; the experience of clinicians and clients with social institutions related to their cultural, racial, gender identity, their sexual orientation, and immigrant status; and guidelines for addressing race and culture in the work of the organization. We would use large group and small group configurations in the workshop. We would also provide some articles as resource material. We would further tailor the workshop to the needs of the agency based on discussion with key program staff prior to the training, workshops or supervision.

MPG CONSULTING Team is composed of primarily professional social workers, psychologists, psychiatrist, specialists in working with youth, substance abuse, community organizers and law enforcement officers. These highly skilled professionals are familiar with the manifestations of depression, trauma, structural racism, and the public health approach to racial tension in urban poor communities of color. They have extensive experience doing training on issues of cultural and racial competence for mental health and human service staff.

MPG CONSULTING creates and facilitates customized culturally and racially sensitive programming, training, workshops, coaching and supervision for those who work with diverse urban populations. For more information, contact Mary at 212-245-2510 or or visit her website at