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Can Therapy Help Me?

 Most of us are willing to seek professional help for physical ailments, be they high blood pressure, diabetes, broken bones, allergies, or other medical issues. But when it comes to a broken or wounded heart, many of us hope and pray that our problems will go away on their own. We settle for talking to our friends, or watch Oprah for solutions. Although we may be struggling for long periods, we’re still reluctant to reach out for professional help

“Going into therapy does not mean you’re going to end up in a scene out of a movie like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  People go to therapy for millions of reasons, not because they’ve gone crazy”. –Larry, 45

 Some feel that therapy is only for a severe crisis and they should be able to solve their problems on their own. Others fear that seeking help is an admission of inadequacy, a weak character or dependency. In fact, therapy can help you learn more about yourself, gain a new perspective, identify your strengths, as well as recognize and change destructive behavior patterns.  Continue reading

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How to Choose a Lifelong Mate

One of the major issues that people face when choosing a mate is finding someone that they consider to be their type.  Too many people have a specific visual image in mind of what their special someone should look like.  But by having this preconceived notion many viable choices can be overlooked.  Remember, it is what is on the inside of the person that makes for a successful long term relationship.

It is important to know yourself so that you can begin to recognize your relationship patterns. Avoid focusing on physical characteristics or material possessions alone, for this could lead you to unsuccessful love connections. Continue reading

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Is it Time to Step Back From Love?

Romance and relationships are wonderful.  They enrich our lives and bring most of us increased feelings of connection, self-esteem and well-being.  Recent studies have found that the increased incidence of love and sex improves our outlook on life and enhances our health.

The opposite is also true, being in a relationship where you are feeling or being treated badly can impact your sense of self and well being.   Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day…Often filled with Big Disappointments and Sadness that Lingers

 Year after year my therapy practice gets a big boost right after the holiday. Some blame it on Hallmark cards and the media.

Despite the fact that Americans spend nearly 14 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, many people report feeling disappointed and sometimes even devastated on Valentine’s Day. This is often due to 3 things—unrealistic expectations, an inability to assess your relationship or a lack of someone to love. Continue reading

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