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First, Work on Yourself!

It is not about finding the right person, it is about being the right person. Many of us spend years trying to find the right person to make us happy and whole. Healthy connections with others begin with you. Self-care … Continue reading

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15 Signs He’s Not That Into You

By Aly Walansky We hope you don’t need all 15 signs — that  you’ll value yourself enough to hold back and let him show you he’s  interested. But in case you are waiting for some signs, here’s some doozies: *He … Continue reading

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Friends are needed to Balance Love Relationships

  Good friendships have a positive and healthful effect on our lives.  They make good times better and bad times bearable.  It seemed easier when we were younger; common interests systematically pooled us with others like us, if only by … Continue reading

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