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Undoing Racism® Resources

Our work is guided by the principles of The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, who are recognized internationally for their Undoing Racism® Workshop and Community Organizing Workshop. Contact: www.antiracistalliance.com

We are sharing our Google Drive with you. In it you will find numerous Anti-Racism resources we have compiled over the years. Please click the link below to view.

Undoing Racism® Resources → Click here

These are some of the categories you will find in our folder:

  • Access/Abilities
  • Accountability Hubs
  • Asians
  • Disparities
  • Feminism/Patriarchy
  • History & Definitions
  • Identity Frameworks
  • Implicit Bias
  • Indigenous/Native Americans/First Nations
  • Just for Kids
  • Language
  • Links to Articles, Podcasts, Videos
  • Mary Pender Greene Literature
  • MENA (Middle East/North Africa)
  • Mental Health/Trauma
  • Oppression Olympics
  • Political
  • Pro-Black
  • Queer-Trans POC
  • Strategies
  • White Dominant Culture
  • Why We Do the Work

For more extensive resources visit: antiracistalliance.com

Other Anti-Racism Resources

Racism and Racial Identity: Reflections on Urban Practice in Mental Health and Social Services

A Gardener’s Tale

Anti-Racism Books

Anti-Racism Movement Article – MHN Summer ’10

Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racist Transforming Values

Asian Microaggressions

Child Welfare and Anti-Racism

Gail Golden – Cultural Competence Articles

Paul Kivel – I’m Not White, I’m Jewish

The Elephant is not Pink – Clinical Social Work Journal

The Only One

Work Networks and Networking

Racism Book List

MPG Consulting

Building Capacity Across the Racial Divide

Books Available for Purchase

Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training: Diverse Perspectives and Practical Applications

By Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy (Editor)

This book is focused on culturally competent supervision and training in a variety of settings. The text is intended for use in supervision courses, but trainers and supervisors will also find it essential to their work.Buy on Amazon: http://bit.ly/2PWtkIEHardy

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

By Dr. Robin DiAngeloThis NY Times best-selling book examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.Buy Here: https://robindiangelo.com/publications

Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in United States History and Life

By David BillingsThis book explores the normalizing of racial superiority in a society that permits white people to be individuals while people of color are collectively held as outsiders. Each chapter begins with an intimate and personal account from the author’s own life. He then lays out the historical facts, while preserving the master storyteller’s connection with the reader.Buy on Amazon and CDD: http://bit.ly/2xgFzsUBillings or http://cddbooks.com (special bulk rate)

Strategies for Deconstructing Racism in the Health and Human Services

By Alma Carten (Editor), Alan Siskind (Editor), Mary Pender Greene (Editor)

This book brings together a national roster of leading practitioners who draw upon extensive practice experiences and original research. It is as an invaluable resource for service providers and educational institutions.

Buy on Amazon: http://bit.ly/32YCiKICartonSiskindPenderGreene

Creative Mentorship and Career-Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Personal Board of Directors

By Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, CGPThis book features engaging exercises and worksheets as well as practical methods and strategies that will transform the way you approach career development. A toolbox of tactics, strategies, and rules of engagement will ensure that you fully assimilate the VPBOD networking strategy and revolutionary mentoring methodology into every aspect of your professional life.Buy on Amazon: http://bit.ly/32YCiKICartonSiskindPenderGreene