Relationship Health Check

  1. Is there a mood of sadness in your relationship?
  2. Do you have feelings of boredom, emptiness or loneliness?
  3. Are you indifferent to each other’s problems?
  4. Are there feelings of insecurity and jealousy in the relationship?
  5. Is your relationship plagued by constant bickering and nagging?
  6. Do you take each other for granted?
  7. Are most of your conversations mechanical, routine and surface with little personal connection?
  8. Is your sex life limited or lacking passion?
  9. Do you feel better understood by others than your mate?
  10. Do you (no longer) plan things together
  11. Is your relationship filled with rudeness, insults, harshness, and sarcasm?
  12. Do you long for closeness?

If you answer yes to 5 or more of these questions, therapy may be helpful to you in analyzing and evaluating your relationship

Couples Therapy

Mary Pender Greene is an internationally known psychotherapist and relationship expert. She focuses on the relationship with one’s self and how it impacts relationships with others. Ms. Pender Greene educates people about choosing mates and identifying relationship patterns. She believes that relationships should be carefully selected, analyzed, and nurtured.

Therapy can help you and your mate to identify the issues within your relationship that needs work. Mary will help you to decide what changes are needed in the relationship and in the behavior of each partner in order for you both to feel a greater sense of satisfaction with the relationship.

Ms. Pender Greene teaches couples communication techniques which includes the “art of fair fighting” and “how to listen more effectively.” Couples also learn how to share responsibilities within their relationship and how to avoid negative competition with each other.

When boredom, disconnection and/or hostility enter a relationship, the loss of companionship is extremely painful. Couples will learn how to identify their own escape pattern which can include: affairs, excessive work, shopping, Internet, sports, hobbies etc. Therapy will help you to create a new sense of trust, connection, and passion.

Whether your relationship is in a rut or if it has been troubled by neglect, infidelity or lack of appreciation, repair is still be possible. Ms. Pender Greene can help you in your quest for a healthier more satisfying relationship.

Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, CGP
President & CEO

Midtown Manhattan Location