MPG Consulting has a special commitment to ensuring that individuals and agencies serving diverse populations are prepared to provide clients with transformative culturally and racially attuned clinical, programmatic, and administrative services. Our goals for career & executive coaching and team building grow out of the perspective and approach we bring to all of our services. We understand the constructs and intersections of racism, hetero-sexism, sexism and other forms of oppression based on social identity. We understand and present the intersection of gender bias, LGBTQ bias, and gender non-conforming bias with racism.

We approach career & executive coaching and team building in ways that invite participants to engage with us and with each other in a non-shaming, non-blameful, non‐judgmental collaborative manner that tackles the difficult questions, engages the difficult discussions in a transparent manner – and brings everyone’s authentic voice to the table.


MPG Consulting provides services that are geared for individuals who work with diverse populations. Our goal is to enhance skills, expand areas of expertise, and assist clients in learning from their experiences – as well as from the experiences of others. Career and executive coaching and team building services focus on providing professional development, tools for success, and support to improve overall productivity. Mary has helped countless professionals build their virtual personal boards in an effort to become their best personal and professional selves. She is the author of Creative Mentorship and Career-Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Personal Board of Directors.


MPG Consulting provides comprehensive career & executive coaching and professional development services to small, mid‐size and large social service organizations that do not have in‐house departments that provide such services. We provide culturally competent and anti‐oppressive (anti‐racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, non‐sexist) professional development to individuals at all levels of an agency, though we specialize in working with senior management and executive leaders.

Our Team

The MPG Consulting Team is composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience executive coaching, team building, and professional development experience. MPG Consulting is committed to the success of each and every client. Through our career and executive coaching services, we help stimulate thinking, frame issues, guide discussions, and ensure accountability. We take on the coaching role with the express purpose of helping others build solid, satisfying careers and promising futures.

Summary of Services Provided


How to take your talent to the next level:

The MPG Team shares unique insight and understanding of the leadership world and how to maneuver its complex terrain, including making the tough choices and bold decisions necessary to reach one’s true potential. This coaching and guidance helps executives to thrive within the corporate environment.


How to be your best self:

The MPG Consulting Team helps clients thrive within the work environment by focusing on dreams, aspirations, and helping to create breakthroughs. The Team helps individuals clarify who they are in the workforce and helps to craft their future.

Coaches hold clients accountable in order to drive learning and development. During coaching sessions, the MPG Team member will encourage and support the client’s personal and professional growth, and hold them accountable for taking action on their goals. They help to develop their clients and give back the knowledge they have earned through their own successful careers as CEOs, executives, and business owners. They address the following issues:


Team building is an ongoing process with the purpose of helping a work group evolve into a more cohesive unit and improve team relations. During team-building activities and collaborative tasks, team members share expectations for accomplishing each group task, while trusting and supporting one another – including having respect for individual differences.

Team-building has been implemented successfully to address the following issues:

Research indicates that team development has strongest effect for improving organizational performance. Successful outcomes include:

Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, CGP
President and CEO

Mary Pender Greene, LCSW‐R, CGP is a psychotherapist, career & executive coach, trainer and consultant with a private practice in Midtown Manhattan. Mary is a thought leader in the social services industry, recognized by her peers for her wisdom, contributions, and novel ideas on coaching, mentoring, and sharing knowledge. She has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals, couples, companies and non-profit organizations.

Mary has been instrumental in coaching and supervising many therapists in starting and building their practices. She successfully shares her unique insight and understanding of the business world to help corporate leaders navigate its complex terrain. Mary’s background also includes executive management roles at America’s largest non-profit organization, The Jewish Board of Family Services in NYC. She has given many inspiring keynotes and has been honored countless times for her professional contributions. She is frequently quoted in the press on a variety of mental health and business topics.

Mary is the President & CEO of MPG Consulting. She is the author of Creative Mentorship and Career‐ Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Personal Board of Directors.

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