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Course Title: Principles of Non-Profit Fiscal Management

Subject/Topic: Fiscal management in non-profit settings, knowledge and skills and general fiscal practice

Name and Qualifications of the Presenter:

Dr. Dwayne Seymour has been involved in fiscal management for over 20 years. In the position of CFO in non-profit settings, he was responsible for providing business and financial direction and guidance to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director or CEO/President, and other senior managers. He earned a MSSW from Columbia University, PhD in Applied Management from Walden University and a MBA in Finance from Long Island University. He also possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hunter College as well as a NYS LMSW. He completed non-profit leadership training at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Fellows program and Columbia Business School’s Institute of Non-Profit Management’s Executive Level Program.

Description of course:

The first session of this two session course will cover (1) the importance of the general ledger and why it must be properly created and maintained for any non-profit organization to function, (2) the critical nature of keeping taxes current and why a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can be a lifesaver, (3) understanding and utilizing budgets and why they provide the guide to keeping a non-profit healthy and high functioning, (4) how the trial balance provides a comprehensive financial view of the non-profit organization from one period to the next, and (5) the necessity of certified public accountants, what is a yearend closing, what is needed for a proper yearend closing, and the preparation of financial statements.

The second session will examine (1) the types of insurance coverage that are necessary to protect the sustainability of a non-profit organization and its assets, as well as meet the needs of internal and external agents, (2) using the bidding process to select vendors and the best approach to putting a bidding policy/process in place, (3) managing vendor relationships to create great public relations and discounts on much needed goods and services, (4) the essentials of putting a purchasing policy and procedures in place and why they are necessary, (5) maintaining records and accounting software packages necessary to support the organizational needs of a non-profit, and (6) customer service, team work, deadlines, and consultants and how they can be managed effectively as critical elements in a non-profit fiscal function.

Time frame: Each session will be 3.5 hours offered one to two weeks apart. Location, date and time TBD.

Teaching Methods: This course will cover basic topics designed to provide social workers with a working knowledge of how a social work agency functions from a fiscal perspective. Students will learn the challenges of fiscal management, reporting requirements of funding sources, and the needs of the Board of Directors in a non-profit environment.

The course is geared to social workers and will use verbal, written and/or PowerPoint presentation materials created by the instructor. There will be interactive large group discussions of concepts, small group work involving experiential exercises, and sharing of responses to material presented (e.g., reading assignments, handout, etc.)

Learning Objectives:

Session One:

    1. Participants will understand basic concepts of accounting and fiscal management.
    2. Participants will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of budgets and contracts.
    3. Participants will understand how to minimize tax and other liabilities.

Session Two:

    1. Participants will understand how vendor relationships are developed and managed.
    2. Participants will understand the critical nature and capabilities of financial management and accounting software.
    3. Participants will learn why teamwork is so important to the fiscal health of a non-profit.

Length of course:

The course will provide 7 contact hours: two sessions that are each three and a half hours long.

Location: YWCA, 500 West 56th St. Ground Floor, New York, NY 10019
Dates and times: Fri. 1/15/16 12-3 p.m., Fri. 1/22/16 11-3 p.m.

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