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Congregations today are faced with complex and difficult issues such as, relationship conflict, substance abuse, troubled teens, domestic violence, infidelity, under/unemployment, foreclosures, depression, illness and parenting issues, just to name a few. This creates a unique set of challenges for its clergy and ministers. What about the personal and professional needs of church leaders? Where do ministers go for professional support and assistance?

  • Do you need referral resources to help your congregants get their needs met?
  • Why are ministers and church leaders especially at risk for burn out?
  • Is your role as a constant source of support, guidance and compassion taking an emotional, physical and mental toll?
  • Are you suffering from Compassion Fatigue?
  • Are feelings of fatigue, stress and worry starting to affect the quality of your work?
  • Can you be more effective in your work and personal life with more self-care?
  • What is self-care and how can it be used to help you to be a more effective leader?
  • Would you like to learn to clarify your role in the healing process?
  • What can you do to restore and sustain the zeal, enthusiasm and joy for service?
  • Is your relationship to your work uplifting and positive?
  • Do you need to examine how you are relating to this difficult and
    important work that you do?

Learning to Lead: Lessons in Leadership for People of Faith by Willard W. C. Ashley, Sr.
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