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Culturally and Racially Attuned CEU Credits
For Individuals and Organizations

Course Title: The Impact of Race and Ethnicity and Transference and Countertransference in Clinical Social Work Practice

Subject/Topic: Clinical Social Work Practice exploration and intervention surrounding race/ethnicity as a variable in the transference and countertransference matrix

Name and Qualifications of the Presenter:

Chanda D. Griffin LCSW is Co-Chair of the Multicultural Committee at the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis where she is a graduate of Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis and a practicing psychoanalyst/ psychotherapist within New York City.

Ms. Griffin is an Adjunct Professor at the Silberman Graduate School of Social Work at Hunter College teaching the Practice Lab, a course emphasizing mindful practice and the anti-oppression lens within the context of clinical, community and administrative social work. Additionally, she provides trainings and consultations on best practices in social work and ethno-cultural transference/counter-transference

Description of course:

Week 1

    1. Discuss critical race theory, and the importance of racial and ethnic identity as it pertains to social work practice and interpersonal dynamics taking place in the consulting room.
    2. Review theoretical concepts of transference and countertransference and introduce specific racial and ethnic factors that manifest in both inter-racial and intra-racial transference/ countertransference matrixes.

Week 2

    1. Briefly summarize learning objectives from Week 1- critical race theory and specific examples of inter-racial and intra-racial transference /countertransference issues that manifest in clinical social work.
    2. Provide a small group exercise consisting of questions that encourage mindful practice around racial identity and anti-oppressive interventions in clinical social work.

Time frame: Each Session will be 3 hours offered 1 week apart.

Teaching Methods:

The course is geared toward MSW, LMSW, and LCSW adult learners using brief lecture, group discussion, experiential exercises, case presentations and articles addressing subject matter and topic.

Learning Objectives:

Week One:

    1. Participants will understand concepts introduced in Critical Race Theory and Transference/ Countertransference.
    2. Participants will explore and understand the importance of racial identity for both clinician and client in social work practice both in inter-racial and intra-racial dyads.
    3. Participants will examine specific racial and ethnic issues that manifest in the transference/countertransference interaction/matrix.

Week Two:

    1. Participants will examine and understand personal racial identity and how it impacts social work practice.
    2. Participants will develop mindful practice skills and anti-oppressive interventions to address racial/ ethnic transference/ countertransference dynamics that emerge in social work practice.

Length of course:

The course will provide 6 contact hours: two sessions that are each three hours long.

Location: First Steps to Recovery, 312 W 47th St. Ground Floor, New York, NY 10036
Times and dates: Sat. 1/23/16 1-4 p.m., Sat. 1/30/16 1-4 p.m.

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