Clinical/administrative Training And Supervision

New Clinicians

    • Are you a new clinician?
    • Do your clinical questions remain unanswered?
    • Have you realized that the lack of clinical supervision or insufficient training is preventing you from becoming your best?
    • Does the number or complexity of the cases you handle leave you feeling overwhelmed?

Experienced Clinicians

    • Are you interested in starting a private practice?
    • Do you need a professional sounding board for your cases?
    • Are you in an environment where there is no one qualified to discuss clinical issues and give you feedback?
    • Have you realized that you need more clinical knowledge and can benefit from more supervision?

Under the guidance of Mary Pender Greene, individual and group clinical supervision will address the following areas:

    • Recognizing common roadblocks in effective clinical practice and identifying methods of overcoming them
    • Case consultations, improving clinical skills and didactic presentations
    • Reviewing and understanding the relationship of Self of the therapist to the treatment
    • Understanding the impact of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, class and religion on the clinical practice
    • Professional growth and career objectives

Preparing to Lead – Moving from Clinician to Administrator

Mary Pender Greene provides guidance and supervision to clinicians in the process of transitioning from clinician to administrator. Although many clinicians are promoted because of their clinical skill set, they’re challenged, and sometimes handicapped, by the organizational, business and management demands of an administrative role.  If you want a more seamless transition and the skills to effectively perform in an administrative capacity.  Mary’s professional support and knowledge will improve your productivity, success and professional development. Because of her impressive leadership experience and expertise as an administrator, Mary will direct and prepare you on everything from building effective teams, successful delegation and creating structures, to managing stress, coaching and time management.

Supervision Options

Whether you’re a new clinician, experienced clinician or transitioning from a clinical to administrative role, Mary offers individual and group supervisionsupervision format that works best for you and your needs.

Individual Supervision

Mary Pender Greene provides individual supervision for new and experienced clinicians.  This is a safe place to continue professional development, discuss personal responses, receive pragmatic suggestions and get clinical feedback.  Supervision is tailored to your individual needs and situation with special emphasis on your career goals.

Group Supervision

Mary Pender Greene provides group supervision for clinicians interested in the added benefit of working with a group.  The purpose of supervision in a group setting is to enhance clinical skills, expand areas of expertise and assist group members in learning from his or her own experiences, as well as from the experiences of others.  Groups are made up of 4-6  participants, small enough for everyone to get sufficient support and participate in finding solutions.  Participants are required to have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling or related discipline. Groups will meet once a month for 4 hours.


Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, CGP
President & CEO

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