30 Ways, 30 Days to Hotter Sex

Be Better in Bed: 30 Ways, 30 Days to Hotter Sex

Play Dress Up

Many couples find it liberating sexually to don a costume and along with that get-up, a new persona. “Acting out your fantasy with your partner by wearing a sexy costume in the bedroom is a wonderful way to express yourself in a non-threatening manner,” says Mary Pender Greene, a New York City psychotherapist and relationship expert. “For example, a pirate costume might give a wife license to take charge in the bedroom.” Looking to spice things up a bit? Shop separately for fantasy outfits and then surprise each other with the costumes reflecting your sexual alter-egos. “There are outfits for both men and women, and many of them are based on popular fetishes and fantasies that couples enjoy bringing to life,” says Greene.

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