Creative School Counseling: Engaging Challenging Youth and Shaping School Culture

Description of Course:

Session amounts may vary based on the individual needs of the organization.

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The course will focus on developing clinician self-awareness through exploring their countertransference when working with challenging youth and how this affects the therapeutic relationship. This session will also focus on helping clinicians expand their knowledge base of the psychosocial issues affecting urban youth and understanding of how mental health disorders manifest themselves in school settings. Clinicians will be empowered to begin to assess school culture and alter and influence the culture to support students in more positive ways.

The course will also focus on building practical skills. Clinicians will be given the opportunity to practice utilizing creative expressive modalities of treatment to engage challenging youth in the therapeutic process to explore clinical issues, teach coping skills, build self-esteem and empower youth to adjust their behavior. Clinicians will also learn how to implement positive behavioral interventions to teach social skills and build community.

Learning Objectives:

Self-Awareness, Social Understanding and Influencing the System

Exploring Countertransference: Participants will develop self-awareness through exploring their thoughts, feelings and challenges about working with challenging youth.

Clinician Resistance: Participants will examine how their thoughts and feelings impact their ability to engage challenging youth and affect the therapeutic relationship.

Clinical Understanding: Participants will develop a deeper clinical understanding of the social environment/ social issues affecting urban youth that lead to the development of mental health issues that go undiagnosed in school settings. (ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Depression).

Assessing and Shaping School Culture: Participants will gain an understanding of how school culture also influences and reinforces student disruptive/maladaptive behavior and how they can aid in shifting school culture to support their counseling goals of helping student make positive behavioral changes.

Creative Engagement and Counseling

Participants will acquire the ability to use non-traditional creative-expressive modalities to engage resistant/challenging youth in individual or group counseling.

Participants will learn how to use music, art, poetry and movement to explore clinical issues, build self-esteem, empower youth and build community.

Participants will learn how to implement positive behavioral interventions develop social skills and shape school culture.