Get a Move On: Active Dates to Enjoy with Your Partner

Time to get physical with your guy.

Chitchat over buttered dinner rolls can be cozy, but you might want to
get out of your chairs and work up a sweat (no, not that … yet!).
“Since most dates involve a lot of sitting—and eating—getting physical
is a great and healthy change of pace,” says psychotherapist Mary Pender
Greene, a relationship expert in New York City. Active dates can help
spark laughter and new conversation even as they help you stay fit. So take advantage of the last dog days of summer and row a boat together on a nearby lake. The sheer spontaneity of it will yank you out of your comfort zone and remind you of romance pre-kids. Lace up your hiking boots and take a trek, picnic basket in hand. Enjoy the sunset while sipping chilled champagne and savoring seasonal berries. Or learn a new activity together,
like how to swing a golf club or swivel your hips in a tango class.
Beyond obvious benefits, sharing newfound physicality can also help
build your emotional bond—very sexy indeed.