Should You Break Up?

If your relationship seems to be going nowhere, it’s better to end it sooner rather than later. Knowing for sure that it’s time to break up isn’t always easy, though. Check for these telltale signs that you are in a dead-end relationship.

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Any sort of change in life is difficult, and breaking up can be challenging, particularly if you have been in the relationship for a long time. Don’t fall into the rut of staying together because it’s easy, though. Are you truly happy with your relationship now and where it’s going? Are you in love with your partner or are you just comfortable?

NYC psychotherapist and relationship expert Mary Pender Greene advises:  

“The presence of any one of these signs shouldn’t cause you to run out and call the whole thing off. But if any of these situations sound familiar, ask yourself if you’re really into this guy or if you’re dragging out a bad relationship.”

Telltale signs of a no-go relationship

It’s time to break up if…

  1. The relationship feels more like a friendship.
  2. He says, “I love you,” but you can’t imagine saying it back — ever.
  3. You have nothing to say to each other.
  4. You cheat on him, or he cheats on you.
  5. There’s a general feeling of disconnect that doesn’t go away.
  6. The drama is more exciting than the relationship.
  7. You have so many talks about “us” that there is no “us” anymore.
  8. You fight more than you have fun.
  9. You have sex only because you want him to want you.
  10. He isn’t supportive of your work or interests outside the relationship.
  11. You find yourself constantly looking at other guys, and everyone seems more attractive than your boyfriend.
  12. The sex is consistently bad or sad.

How to break it off

Honesty may be the best policy, but you don’t need to hurt him unnecessarily. If he’s more invested in the relationship than you are, let him down nicely — but don’t leave the door open.

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Moving on from a breakup

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