9 Ways to Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet

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The last glass of champagne has been consumed, the last handful of confetti has been thrown, and you realize 2012 has officially begun. It’s a time of celebration, but also a time for new beginnings and resolutions to make (and stick to!) for the upcoming year. Life2PointOh chatted with NYC psychotherapist Mary Pender Greene to discuss how you can make 2012 a better and brighter year!

1. Rediscover your passion. “Ask yourself what you are really passionate about,” Pender Greene suggests. “Is it writing? Start a blog. Is it reading? Join a book club. Is it music or art? Take lessons!”

2. Get polished. Are you over your current hairstyle? Or perhaps those work clothes you’ve been wearing for the last 12 months are ready to be Goodwill donations? Pender Greene says a new or updated look is a great way to start the year with a clean slate, while also giving you a confidence boost.

3. Make the call. Put that new iPhone you got during the holidays to good use. Pender Greene suggests making a more conscious effort to reach out to new people, friends or family members who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. It’s a simple way to feel more connected to those around you.

4. Move your body. Whether you have an exercise-related resolution or not, you can guarantee your neighborhood gym will be packed 24/7 this month. So put that membership on hold because exercising doesn’t need to involve the elliptical machine or that silly Shake Weight. “Exercise doesn’t have to be dull and boring,” she says. “Start walking, dancing, spinning or stretching. Join a class and have fun!”

5. Think before eating. “Be mindful about the what, how and when you eat,” Pender Greene explains. “Be good to yourself and choose wisely. When you overindulge, forgive yourself and get back on track.”

6. Be kind to others. Did you spend a little too much time gossiping about coworkers this year? Or maybe you and your sister didn’t get along as well as your parents would like. In any case, Pender Greene suggests doing the simple things to be kind to those around us. “Whether it’s your mate, friend, neighbor, coworker or a stranger, a sincere smile, compliment or nice gesture can brighten anyone’s day.”

7. Don’t be a slave to credit. If you’re only going to make one resolution this year, put the focus on your finances. “Taking good care of yourself means managing your finances intelligently,” she explains. “Buy only what you can afford and put the rest on a wish list.”

8. Show gratitude. Even after the holidays have passed, it’s good not to be a greedy Grinch. “Despite life’s ups and downs, there are many good things to be thankful for. Appreciate the special people in your life,” she suggests. It’s as simple as saying a sincere “Thank you.”

9. Commend yourself. While moving forward is what we all hope to accomplish in 2012, Pender Greene suggests a little year in review. “Reflect on your successes daily and commend yourself for achievements,” she says. “Remember all of the ways that you are special.” Go ahead, pat yourself on the back!


How will you make 2012 your best year yet?



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