Can We Talk about Sex? The When, Why and How of Doing So with Our Clients

Description of Course:

Session amounts may vary based on the individual needs of the organization.

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Sexuality is in the news more than ever today. Ads about erectile dysfunction, debates about marriage equality, low sexual desire, increased HIV rates among youth, young adults, and seniors, violence against members of the LGBTQ community. Yet many social workers do not regularly explore clients’ sexual histories or concerns unless clients present with a specific sexual concern, even though sexuality is an integral aspect of identity.

Social workers will become more comfortable in taking a sexual history for individuals and couples of any age or orientation. Participants will discuss the timing of sexual history taking, different approaches, and the challenges. Workshop content will include sexual behavior, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and different models of human sexual response for men and women.

Participants will discuss the range of clients’ sexual concerns and dysfunctions. Participants will practice sexual history taking and different intervention approaches.

Teaching Methods: Lecture, discussion, demonstration of taking a sexual history, and participants will practice sexual history taking in both the role of the social worker and the client. Film clips and videos will also be used.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Recognize that sexuality is essential to one’s sense of self – to one’s identity
  • Enhance their comfort level and reduce their fears of listening and talking to clients about sexuality
  • Enhance their knowledge about human sexuality: behavior, identity, orientation and different models of response
  • Enhance their capacity to take a sexual history with people of different ages and sexual orientations
  • Practice sexual history taking