15 Signs He’s Not That Into You

By Aly Walansky

We hope you don’t need all 15 signs — that  you’ll value yourself enough to hold back and let him show you he’s  interested.

But in case you are waiting for some signs, here’s some doozies:

*He never wants to make a definite date (would you like to go out Friday night?)

*He just wants to come over to your house on the spur of the moment

*He doesn’t make an effort to keep in touch

* You are making all the effort to get together

* He doesn’t seem to think about the future

* He’s not done with his ex:  you’re a “rebound” relationship

*  He fell in love with you while he was still with his ex. (It
doesn’t  matter if he says the relationship is bad — he has a cheating
mentality)  If he would cheat on his partner, then why not on you when
you are his partner?

* He refuses to talk about past relationships — he’s probably hiding something

* He talks about one past relationship incessantly — it means he’s obsessed.

* He keeps another woman close, and says they’re “just friends”

* He doesn’t want you to meet his friends

* He doesn’t introduce you to family, or invite you to family holidays, weddings, etc.

* He disappears without a reason

* He always has to work (it may be just an excuse for dating others, or it may mean he’s more into work than you)

* He doesn’t ask about your life, your feelings, your friends or family.

What do you think? What sad signs of disinterest have you noticed in your own life?